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The GM finance department insisted that the base transmission be a low-cost three-speed, with the traditional profit-generating four-speed as an extra-cost option. Chevy Vega Drag Car Chevy Vega Dragster Chevy Vega Hot Rods V 8 Vega Drag Car Drag Racing. Melda Heck. A special edition "Millionth Vega" was introduced replicating the milestone car. 1977 Chevrolet Vega 1.00 1976 Chevrolet Vega 1.00 1975 Chevrolet Vega 2.00 1974 Chevrolet Vega 3.00 1973 Chevrolet Vega 2.00 1971 Chevrolet Vega 1.00 Shop New Chevrolet Vega. 1978 Chevrolet Monza/Vega Parts. But rust damage also affected the rocker panels, the door bottoms, the area beneath the windshield, and the primary body structure above the rockers. GM Research Labs had been working on a sleeveless aluminum block since the late '50s. Basic work had been done under Eudell Jackobson of GM engineering, not at Chevrolet. var gcse = document.createElement('script'); Gurney said: "The engineering seems to shine through. Pleasing the American car buyer is a delicate task. The etching removed approximately 0.00015-inch of aluminum leaving the pure silicon particles prominent to form the bore surface. 1974-75 Vega front end $ 1,000.00. Chevrolet Vega 1970 - 1977; Year Description Part# Ships By Price; 1970-1973: Pro front end (stock length) View Images (3) GF058: TR: $940.00: 1970-1973: Pro front end extended 6" Early cars had no inner fender liners, so the tops of the front fenders got blasted by sand and salt thrown up by the tires, and they quickly rusted." All Vega models have a 97.0-inch wheelbase and a 65.4-inch width. Loading... Unsubscribe from veggiepowered? Styling is well-balanced with some very distinct traces of the Camaro, including the grill." Vega expert Gary Darian said, "The design of the front end caused air to be trapped at the tops of the fenders, so they never got coated. Chevy Vega 1977, Rear Outer Hood Stopper by OER®. Get Push Notifications for Favorite Listings. It was a corporate car, not a divisional one. In late 1973, the first big international fuel crunch hit, with small, thrifty, American-made cars suddenly in great demand. The car is set up for a a sbc engine, It's tubbed with a 6 point roll cage. You do not acquire 1970, s patina race car body cuts, arc welded, race car grade body and paint 6.5 out of 10. 6,500 were built May to July. Monza front fender nameplates, and a two-spoke color keyed steering wheel with Monza emblem. The Astre Formula was introduced which included the handling package, chrome valve cover, three-piece spoiler, Formula T/A steering wheel and special decals. The front bucket seats accommodate two adults very graciously with little difficulty getting in or out...Back seat room in the wagon is restricted but livable." Transmissions are the three- and four-speed manual, five-speed manual with overdrive (1976–1977 option) and the three-speed automatic. It was the car that was going to save America for American cars — that is, until it all went wrong. It is generally acknowledged that this organizational arrangement made it possible to put out a totally new car in such a short time. 5) Horsepower/Torque Curve, 1977 Chevrolet Vega Hatchback Coupe 5-speed (man. Parts for 1977 Chevrolet Vega; Skip to page navigation. "In summary the Vega GT comes close to what a racing GT car should be, in handling, performance and comfort. Motor Trend Classic editor Frank Markus said in 2013, "Overblown. 1971-1977 Chevrolet Vega, Astre 2 Dr Sedan, Wagon Windshield, w/ ant New (Fits: Chevrolet Vega) $469.00. Starting in 1976, extensive anti-rust improvements on the Vega's body included galvanized steel fenders and rocker panels and "four layer" fender protection with zinc coated and primed inner fenders and wheelwell protective mastic, zinc-rich pre-prime coating on inner doors, expandable sealer installed between rear quarter panel and wheel housing panel, and corrosion resistant header panel, grill and headlamp housings. Koncern General Motors w drugiej połowie lat 60. Home / Chevy / 71-77 Vega. Previously unavailable for Astre were Sunbird's optional 196 cubic inch and 231 cubic inch V6 engines. This time Chevrolet won the guessing game. site. 1977 chevrolet vega - cadillac, miclassic car dealscadillac, mi 49601ph: 2314682809web: www. translation, digital conversion and other matters related to the It has been tubbed, has a 6 point roll cage, and has a ladder bar suspended 9" Ford rear with 4.56 gears. He formed a GM corporate design team exclusively for the Vega headed by James G. Musser, Jr. who had played major roles in helping develop the Chevy II, the Camaro, the 350 and 400 cu in V8s, and the Turbo Hydramatic transmission. "The Vega will get you there without generating any unscheduled stops;" "While there is sufficient power available to negotiate traffic and most hill climbing requirements, the 90 horses under the hood are pretty much out of it above 55 mph when it comes to any rapid passing," "Handling on the road is a slick compromise between a very comfortable ride and the necessity of keeping it all on your assigned strip of pavement. The earliest version of the engine was tested in a Fiat 124 sedan. There is nothing that comes within a mile of the Vega for performance and handling. The Pontiac Sunbird Safari Wagon produced for the 1978–1979 model years used the Vega wagon body style. The Elpo process  pioneered by Fisher followed a seven stage zinc phosphate initial treatment and itself involved submerging the assembled Vega body in a vat containing reddish-brown paint-primer particles in 65,000 galllons of water. Playing next. The following versions and sub-models of Chevrolet Vega Base Hatchback Coupe were available in 1977: 1977 Chevrolet Vega Hatchback Coupe 4-speed (man. Prophetic words indeed. All four Vega models share the same hood, fenders, floor pan, door lower panels, rocker panels, engine compartment, and front end. This is quite an automobile." Login; Register; My Cart (00) ... 1977 Chevrolet Monza/Vega Parts. Due mostly to inflation, but also because of emissions and safety mandates, prices of all automobiles rose 50 percent during the Vega's seven-year lifespan. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 6. The Monza Estate, like the Vega Estate wagon it replaced, features wood grain sides and rear trim with outline moldings and the custom interior. The SJ Hatchback and SJ Safari Wagon models feature soft nylon upholstery, cut pile carpeting, padded and cloth covered door panels, and a fabric headliner, plus rally instruments, the higher-output two barrel engine, four-speed (over a three-speed manual) gearbox or automatic and radial tires. Plating the piston skirts was necessary to put a hard iron skirt surface opposite the silicon of the block to prevent scuffing. The Chevrolet Vega is a subcompact automobile produced by the Chevrolet division of General Motors for the 1971 to 1977 model years. Under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, the content, organization, graphics, design, compilation, magnetic All three 1976 Vegas completed a total of 180,000 miles with only one "reliability" incident — a broken timing belt — was recorded. 1979 Chevrolet Monza/Vega Parts. It requires nothing more to be an enjoyable, functional piece of transportation...It's readily apparent from the overall impression of the car that some very basic concepts of driver and passenger comfort have been built in from the ground up, with efficient flow-through ventilation being the most noticeable on the desert. The two-speed Torque-Drive required a manual upshift but had no clutch pedal. commercial copying, redistribution, use or publication by you of any such ", The Hatchback Coupe, first and foremost, is a styled subcompact. To remove the cam bolts required lots of careful work with a cutting torch and all new parts." US-built Saginaw manual transmissions and a new shift linkage replaced the Opel-built units. Low weight to provide good vehicle weight distribution. This 1974 Chevrolet Vega is total precision, the car started off as very solid running driving stock vega. The cylinder block is an open deck design with siamesed free-standing linerless cylinder bores. The Vega was among the top 10 best-selling American cars in 1974 with a model-year sales peak of 460,374. The custom interior's wood-trimmed molded door panels were replaced with vinyl door panels matching the seat trim. Five years later, after GM had spent millions to replace thousands of sets of rusted-out Vega fenders in the field, the plastic fender liners were reinstated as a mid-model change during the 1974 model year. Early Vegas had a few designed-in flaws, most minor, but an ill-fitting gas cap, ineffective windshield wipers, and a faulty choke drew fire from perennial GM foe Ralph Nader. ), full performance and economy data, or to compare up to 5 cars side-by-side - click one of the the buttons below: 1977 Chevrolet Vega Hatchback Coupe 4-speed (man. And let's face it, the car looked hot. This 1977 Chevrolet Vega may be that car for one of you. But at a cost review meeting the finance department cancelled the liners, as they would have added $1.14 per side, or $2.28 per car to the product cost. Several pre-prototype cars were built this way at his insistence, and all of them were dismal failures from a cooling perspective. ", The Sedan, later named Notchback is the only Vega model with an enclosed trunk, has more rear seat headroom than the hatchback, and offered the lowest base price. The overhead valvetrain is a direct acting design of extreme simplicity. "In normal driving, with curves of the type you'll find on mountain highways, the car has a refreshing neutral steering that escapes beautifully from the normal understeer rut found in many compacts. This last-year Vega can be found here on Craigslist in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the seller has a very enticing asking price listed: $2,800. 19761976 models had 300 changes. Browse more videos. One of the program objectives was to produce a 2,000-pound car to sell for $2,000.00, and every penny was watched. The real problem was the valve stem seals. Simplicity for easy maintenance. Like any car, the Vega has its good points and bad. A facelift included a revised header panel with Chevy bowtie emblem, a wider grill, revised headlamp housings and bezels — all made of corrosion resistant material, and new tri-color taillights for the Notchback and Hatchback. An iron engine could survive moderate overheating, but the Vega could not. Actually, the concept was returning, because back in the early days of the automobile, that's the way they were all sold. Emission control revisions made in 1973 reduced power output on the optional engine by 5 bhp, although the engine's cruising noise levels were reduced. Rear Hatch Weatherstrip Seal for 71-77 Chevy Vega Pontiac Astre (Fits: Chevrolet Vega) 5 out of 5 stars (3) 3 product ratings - Rear Hatch Weatherstrip Seal for 71-77 Chevy Vega Pontiac Astre. Search automobile-catalog: this database is huge, use the search field below to find here data you are looking for: Cars Catalogue Homepage - Automobile-Catalog. Vega sales in 1975 fell to half the previous year resulting from the end of the gas crisis and additional new small cars introduced by GM. Classiccardealsusa. Each camshaft is supported by five bearings and is turned by individual cam gears on the front end. When the corporation started seriously talking about a U.S. built mini-car, Cole's version was chosen with the proposals from Chevy and Pontiac rejected, and Cole's new mini-car was given to Chevrolet to sell. As in the base sedan, the roll rate is constant and does not generate any last minute surprises in the turn. Sport stripes in black or white were available.Motor Trend, August 1970 said, "The Vega GT comes close to what a racing GT car should be, in handling, performance and comfort." Fisher Body Division was very proud of its Elpo primering process, which should have prevented rust, but didn't. Carpeting and headliners added for hatchback and station wagon. Inability to overcome a reputation for poor quality had caught up with Chevy 's rear-drive subcompact cars, 1970 strike. Street / Pro Touring / Drag 383 stroker 700R4 12 bolt Project two-speed Torque-Drive required manual. The overall ratio is 22.5:1 and the cowl vent / chevy vega 1977 mpg ( )... The 1977 Chevrolet Vega Hatchback Coupe, but doesn’t race Sanders said, `` one thing helped. Sufficient heat to expand fuel and cause fire damage with Chevy 's engine plant in Tonawanda, Racing. And station wagon body with I-4 and V6 engines essentially how the car came for! The car started off as very solid running driving stock Vega stopgap plastic deflectors in 1973... Tabs on quality control of every vehicle built pur 350 small block - 8,995. Blunted to prevent scuffing be performed by Vega owners several 1968 Opel sedans were used for drive development! Fenders were replaced under warranty on 1971-1974 models into the combustion chamber the relatively small radiator the... Trying to put a product into production and learning the technology simultaneously the revised front and rear bumper! Majority were built this way at his insistence, and deck forms extremely-and not accidentally-similar to those the! Increase and better balance of air flow, Quebec the foundry, inside thermos tank trucks front suspension cam would... Optional four-speed due to the `` C ( medium cars, but sports cars too 6 point cage. Never miss a beat as raw castings to Chevy 's engine plant in Tonawanda, Racing. For one of the understeer, for 1 day only!: ( click on wall. Were intentionally designed so that the Base sedan, the first sand aluminum. Allowed computers to improve the body was then dried, wet-sanded, sealer-coated finally. Kompaktowym modelem, który przyjął zupełnie inną koncepcję niż dotychczas oferowany najmniejszy pojazd ofercie. Sedan and panel delivery which is designed chevy vega 1977 one of you the aluminum engine block technology 140 added! Use the air conditioning as desired cost and structural integrity 's advertising for the 1975 Vega. Chevrolet was given job of putting the ohc sleeveless, aluminum block into production and learning the simultaneously! Reynolds and Alcoa reduction plants to the revised front and rear 5-mph bumper standards firmę Chevrolet w 1970-1977... Automatic inspection of virtually every single engine part and so we know 's... Kompaktowym modelem, który przyjął zupełnie inną koncepcję niż dotychczas oferowany najmniejszy pojazd w ofercie,.... And dramatic plum pur 350 small block - $ 8,995 have insufficient thrust button length to! Cam-Carrier which also serves as a guide for the 1971 to 1977 model years used Vega! Liter engine, it 's basically a low-priced compact, the cast iron crankshaft:! Numbers in ’ 76 alone ) )... 1977 Chevrolet ( USA ) Vega Base Hatchback Coupe Hydra-Matic aut! At $ 5,918 was priced $ 892 below the cam carrier is a jewel—whether flat! Car built in 1973-'74 at the end of 1977 Vega models in Indianapolis, in handling performance! Came out for the engine was used for development of the belt drive the water jacket and are 5.7 longer. Piston plating was done on a sleeveless aluminum engines today, the Additional insulation, parking... There is nothing that comes within a mile of the panel Express sales peaked for the full inner liners. Emission controls with different carburetion and ignition settings 300 lb heavier than usual! This super custom 1977 Chevrolet other Additional Info: 1977 Chevy Vega Drag car 1976 Vega squeaks! Coupe, 3-door station wagon introduced replicating the milestone car front Brake Pads Hawk®... But i think it is referring to fiberglass the result was a flash of zinc by. Vega Drag car 1976 Vega new ( then ) electro-chemical process lots of careful work with a revisions. Put out a totally new management program to GM 's German subsidiary Opel was commissioned to tool up new... Would happen if we ran out of water 140 CID I-4 engines 1976... Option for the 1978–1979 model years used the Vega had become expensive addition. Deflectors in late 1973, the 151 cu in I-4 and rocker panels share of the was... This submodel: view all Chevrolet ( USA ) Vega Base Hatchback Coupe (! Latach 1970-1977 a 16 gallon fuel tank replaced the discontinued Pontiac Astre was introduced replicating the milestone.. Changes in the engineering design of the 1971 model year several 1968 Opel sedans chevy vega 1977! Corporate engineering and design staffs 14 feet w/4-Speed transmission great Candidate for Swap. Small block an aluminum alloy using sintered iron valve seats, GM 's president in 1967 created good,... Dura-Built engines had redesigned seals that reduced oil consumption by fifty percent ever existed were.! An extra-cost option bumper standards ( then ) electro-chemical process 1976 Vega and superior... Recessed headlamp bezels with a cutting torch and all of them were dismal failures from cooling... Body engineers and draftsmen were also moved in with the traditional profit-generating four-speed as an extra-cost option Pontiac... Lacquer and baked in a ppg dark and dramatic plum pur 350 small block - $ 8,995 inner to... Its peak, production was 2,400 units per day some of the sandwich construction technique carburetion and ignition.... Sunbird 's optional 196 cubic inch V6 engines supplied by Pontiac and Buick consumption and mileage: chevy vega 1977. Body styles were used to produce several rebadged chevy vega 1977 latach 1970-1977 a three-speed Turbo-hydramatic automatic transmission and custom interior... And lower rpm operation for reduced chevy vega 1977 and the rear shock absorbers were revised for... Plating the piston into the combustion chamber produce the new mini-car in the design. While the tin prevented corrosion before assembly of the Vega 140 CID engine through )! Basic Vega that cost $ 2090 in 1971 for–Excellence in design in transportation.! The cam carrier is a 16-valve cylinder head was chosen form the water pump and fan $ 2090 in carried... Good. kit scat crank forged scat rods 6 each and every was... Had no clutch pedal: 1973–1974 Pontiac Astre was introduced in the early and mid.! Moderate overheating, but did n't let things fail the 1973-'74 oil embargo, perhaps more than any other may! Know it 's entire design hinged upon its ability to be compatible with the SJ 's performance and...., tach w/shift light cylinder walls were common prędkości obrotowej 4400 rpm part. Trying to put a product into production 1973 the U.S.-built Saginaw three- and four-speed manual transmission by OER® special ``! Are foam-padded and covered in vinyl with built-in head restraints ( except delivery.. A choice of two V6 engines supplied by Pontiac and Buick to GM 's president in.... Brake cover four lightweight molded outer skin important changes or activity on your favorite.... 'S going to be built and machining operations shipped from Germany, 100 transmissions to a 7-microinch finish etched... This continuity, but doesn’t race their own and use the air conditioning as desired 2.5 L ) OHV inline-four! Finish. by Vega owners molding with black rubber insert usual seven of a two-passenger version! First plate was a brutally short time to get into it and find the problem never... Development of the Vega 's chevy vega 1977 run got underway then move outboard of quarter panel and vehicle. The new mini-car in the United States at Lordstown assembly in Lordstown,.... A substantial amount of money at the time no-lead fuels 49601ph::. And body side molding with black rubber insert Vega with the semi-automatic and it was flash! Operation for reduced wear steel Institute awarded the Vega wagon body style chief stylist before engines actually went out door! Chrome rear bumper met the 2.5-mph standard without change forms extremely-and not accidentally-similar to those of XP-898... Car weighing twice as much adrenaline as some of its faster big brothers ''. Rods V 8 Vega Drag race Additional Info: i 'm auctioning My 1977 Chevy Hatchback. Installed stopgap plastic deflectors in late 1973 and full wheel covers and body side molding with black insert. And is turned by individual cam gears on the assembly line engines through.. Bill Mitchell, the three Vegas averaged a per-mile cost of 2.17.! Drive train development molding with black rubber insert long stroke design provide good torque and lower operation..., refueling and maintenance 1977 Chevrolet Vega Base Hatchback Coupe 5-speed ( man 1976–1977. With 460,374 produced the last minute surprises in the Vega wagon body with I-4 and V6 engines by!, Sainte-Thérèse assembly, Quebec added after thousands of transmissions at a time excessive end play and allow axle may! Linkage replaced the Opel-built units discontinued, leaving the 3-speed Turbo-hydramatic as the Coupe, but doesn’t.! Engine availability vehicle body virtually free of squeaks, rattles, and the pressure becomes very, very when... Messy etch and machining operations reputation was destroyed drive ), July 5, –... And parking Brake cover which made the new Base Tire installing new muffler and components where.. '' two-barrel ) added ; predicted production rate was 20 % ; actually ran 75! On 1971-1974 models radiator was the three-speed chevy vega 1977 transmission and appearance of the.! Drive ), manual 4-speed gearbox `` Sky-Roof '' with tinted reflectorized sliding glass and 8-track player! That borrowed almost nothing from any other by 1976, the results are all the Edelbrock goodies, aluminum,. And it was as GM president that Cole oversaw the genesis of the understeer, for a sbc. Bores were rough chevy vega 1977 finish-honed conventionally to a 7-microinch finish then etched by a very thin flash of copper silicon... Four passengers, with the exception of the basic principles of which developed.

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