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They’re everywhere! If you’re living in a tent long-term in another country, make sure you are aware of the dangers of certain animals and act accordingly. But I did have a snake and a few spiders in my tent in Byron (the one with lots of rips and holes – your high quality tent shouldn’t have these!) It’s highly unlikely one will attack you even if it does find its way into your tent. Because I was working on the move, I’d often spend an afternoon in a library. Of course, make sure you can still see well out of the back of your car. If you liked this post, please share it or follow me on Facebook! google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5530732638343721"; google_ad_width = 250; Your email address will not be published. But there are ways around this. I ended up with a single mattress in the back of my Subaru; if you have a bigger car you might be able to fit a double in. !’ is one of the main questions I was asked when living in my car. Australia is one of the world’s premier camping destinations. The most comprehensive resource for discovering and booking unique outdoor stays including tent camping, RV parks, cabins, treehouses, and glamping. Yep… I know I sound nuts. Free camping in Australia is one of the best ways to save money when you’re travelling around the country on a budget. Interested in cheap – or even free accomodation? Here’s some information about finding free campsites in the US and Canada, some great spots to free camp in Spain and Portugal  and a guide to wild camping elsewhere in Europe. Then, I’d recommend heading to a foam store (Clark Rubber is the Australian chain) and getting your mitts on a foam mattress, which can be cut to size. You can browse the places to stay by clicking on a destination. Putty Beach is located near the beach in Bouddi National Park. The snake was a baby python, which wasn’t venomous, and I just let it be – presuming that eventually, it found its way out of my tent. Fried Rice. Check out this tent from Wild Earth for a great high quality example. Do you think you’d ever live in a tent? Yep, there wasn’t any electricity in the tent, so it wasn’t always possible to keep my phone 100% charged. Whether you are looking for a site to park your van or a fully furnished, self contained cabin our accommodation … I have a vehicle so it does not have to be right in town. Most of the spiders were huntsmans, which aren’t venomous, but there was one wolf spider. All Destinations, Australasia, Australia, Eco Travel, Sustainable Travel. Long-term RV parks also offer amenities that make day-to-day living easier, such as on-site laundry facilities, fully-equipped kitchens (for when you want to cook a meal in a space that’s bigger and more … Most cars are fitted with a cigarette lighter. Hey Claire! This is a tent for the family that wants to make an investment in their camping enjoyment and safety for years to come. Only swim in them if you know it is 100% safe to do so. This meant that I did sometimes have nights without a functional zip, which probably isn’t the wisest move – and during my time in Byron Bay, my tent was very ripped, with lots of holes in. It was cheap. Most people had tents made for multiple people, so they could fit furniture inside. Australia Campgrounds with Internet Access, Long Term Australia Campgrounds and RV Parks, Beat the weather, pitch your tent or roll you swag, or stay in a Budget room all Underground. The whole point of living in your car is to experience the great outdoors, so there’s your living space! But some great meals, like lentil chilli, curry made with chickpeas and tinned vegetables and pasta dishes, can be made with dry and tinned ingredients. Campsites all have blocks of showers and toilets! We are completely … After Sydney and Gold Coast, long term caravan parks in Melbourne is the third most popular location for long term … And even better, they’re a perfect way to stretch your holiday budget further! Dry bags will come in exceptionally useful if you’re living in a tent – check out the one I use here. Sound enticing? For appliances like a laptop, it is a bit trickier – I soon got into the habit of just locating plugs wherever I was. I had an eight-man tent which I shared with my friend; inside we had two mattresses, a shelving unit, a ‘sofa’ (which was made out of milk crates and cushions) and more milk crates that we used for storage. By Kristina Eaton. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, or even time-consuming. I completely understand this concern, and I’ll be honest; there’s no guarantee that your stuff will be safe. I love this post – people think I’m so weird when I talk about living in a tent in Africa or living in my tent or van each summer when I travel in the UK or Sweden. If you are free camping around Europe, or any other part of the world, it is best to ask locals about any potentially hazardous wildlife.

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