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You can boil water below in the cup for pasta and heat your sauce on top in the pan). Go with whatever is available to you. In this article, I’m covering all the components of ultralight backpacking cooking gear and giving you some of my top recommendations. I hate junk mail and I won’t send you any. EXTSUD Camping Cookware Kit 12 Pcs, Backpacking Gear & Hiking, Fishing Outdoors Cooking Equipment Ultralight Cooking Set with Compact & Durable Pot Pan Bowls Folding Spork Nylon Bag 4.3 out of 5 stars 111 Steel is able to take a beating with minimal, or no, scratching. As convenient as it is, we recommend avoiding any non-stick coatings. One gripe ... the cover sits flush but does not snap into the pot. Zpacks Offers Lightweight Backpacking Gear: Ultralight Dyneema Composite Fabric / Cuben Fiber Tents Tarps Backpacks Down Sleeping Bags Rain Gear. Going ultralight backpacking means relying less on gear … So those are all the components of an ultralight backpacking cooking gear setup. A long-handled spoon is an integral part of any ultralight backpacking cooking gear. If you’re looking for more backpacking food ideas, check out this guide to vegan backpacking food, and this guide to gluten-free backpacking food. Aluminum or stainless steel will cost less but will generally be heavier. All products - Special Offers. I’ve experimented with it, I like carrying less weight and the convenience of it but eating a warm dinner after a day of hiking is worth the weight for me. If you like to have a hot beverage with a meal then lean towards a larger volume like 1000ml. Anodizing hardens the cookware and makes it more durable. Aluminum or stainless steel will cost less but will generally be heavier. Clear. Most stoves are designed for small, backpacking friendly pots up to 2 liters. It is the best for actual cooking as it distributes heat evenly across the cooking surface. Like most of Toak’s products, the pot and pan set is made with high-quality titanium and a rock-solid construction. Feeding your love of the outdoors since 1985. This system maximizes our travel time and is super efficient. The amount that can leach into your food is minuscule unless you damage the cooking vessel. Many of those kits are too heavy for backpacking and are really meant for camping. oz. Whether you’re attempting a thru-hike or going on a weekend trip and want to shed some weight from your pack, this post will help you figure out what you need. Make sure these hinge and swing without much resistance. Vargo makes great gear and they have a wide selection of cookware available. Special Offers. Shop Enamelware. Best Ice Axe: C.A.M.P. Anything over 1000ml is unnecessary and will add weight to your pack and take up extra space. but some hikers swear by them for the super low weight. Again you should look at titanium. Not only do you get a quality pot, but you also get a lid that functions as a pan with little to no hit in weight. A backpacking cook pot looks more like an oversized mug than a typical kitchen pot. We found the best cook pots for backpacking including titanium, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and cook sets. Both the pot and the pan have metal foldaway handles that are not insulated. Ultralight Backpacking Food Prep For Extreme Thru Hikes Wake The F Up Coffee & Cream (250 Calories, weighs .7oz) The fold-out pot supports work with many pot sizes and shapes and provides a windshield for the burner head. The second is a gas-line antifreeze called HEET. Esbit/solid fuel stoves are a viable option on the trail. One Size (50) Price. Cheers. oz. It means you can leave your lighter inside your pack for emergencies. They can be homemade for next to nothing or you can purchase many different styles and designs. These metal handles will get hot on the stove. With backpacking gear and hiking essentials from the Gear Store, you can "gear … You can use the pot and pan separately, but not together since they do not nest in that orientation. Weight should be between 1oz/28g – 4oz/113g with heavier options having more features and more stable pot supports. Equal parts backpacking food and ultralight gear. Some stoves are regulated for increasing efficiency in cold temperatures and high altitudes, The MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe has a built-in igniter. Adding in an 8OZ canister of fuel brings the weight up to 20.93OZ / 593 grams or 1.3lbs. Your target weight will vary based on the materials you choose for your pot. It also may come off inside your back, spilling all your cooking contents. The original pocket rocket got a redesign a few years back with sturdier put supports and improved simmer control. Although it doesn’t boil water quite as fast as the Crown fuel, it is readily available at most gas stations. Ultralight gear tends to be smaller so chuck that 80-liter monster. Nothing more. You need to carry fuel in a dedicated container that is watertight and ensure no one accidentally drinks it, thinking it is water. The main thing to consider is the size of the canister you carry, either the 4oz or 8oz. Best Trekking Poles: Gossamer Gear LT5. That’s why I like to focus on pots that are … Wash it gently with water and a mild soap if possible. Other bonuses include internal gradations for easy measurement and a nylon mesh stuff sack to hold all the pieces together when you're not hiking. If you’re looking for a wider, flatter pot then this evernew option would be hard to beat. It can be used as a double boiler allowing you to get creative with your food. Just like the pots in your kitchen, backpacking cookware is available in a variety of different metals. The cook set strikes a nice balance between capacity and weight. Stoves (23) Accessories (27) Size. Depending on the damage, you may not be able to attach the lid securely. A .5oz fuel block will bring 2 cups/475ml of water to a boil. As with alcohol stoves, this varies by the design. It is way too heavy. Our Backpacking Cooking Gear Food Storage: BearVault BV500 Food Container The goal of backpacking food storage is to prevent wild animals from accessing human food. The Snow Peak Titanium Trek 700 achieves the perfect balance between weight and usability. The pot supports are integrated into the stove and are sturdy, given the design and size of the stove. BEST BUDGET ULTRALIGHT STOVE. I’ve counted ounces, scoured over reviews, and slowly pieced together my dream kit. The LiteMax from Japanese manufacturer Snow Peak is one of the lightest canister stoves on the market. The cook set strikes a nice balance between capacity and weight. There’s also the question of safety as perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA used to make the non-stick layer is a suspected carcinogen. Some pots have measuring marks inside which some people find helpful. The designs of most cook pots are pretty similar. As low as $34.95. Complete with graduated measurements and rubberized coated handles. Some are heavy, some are light. If you’re building a backpacking cooking kit from scratch (or if you’re just curious about what a pair of professional food bloggers cook with on the trail! Leave a Comment / Backpacking, Cooking, DIY, Food, Hiking, Hunting, Weather / By admin This is an update to my posts about a DIY Tent Stove and Ultralight Chimney. It does contain elements like iron, nickel and chromium that can leach into your food. I’d love to hear in the comments. Its design allows for easy filling of the stove through the large opening and the pot supports work with a range of shapes and sizes. AntiGravityGear provides high quality ultralight backpacking gear and strive to offer new and innovative products for new and avid backpackers. Most 750ml pots are big enough to hold your fuel canister, a pocket stove, a lighter and even a cleaning sponge. In a hurry? Specs. We do not do sponsored or paid posts. I’ll go stoveless on some trips but chowing down on a steaming bowl of noodles from inside my sleeping bag on a chilly night is just too good. The cup and lid fit snugly and have a sleek and seamless ultralight titanium construction. What you pick to throw in your pack depends on what you plan to eat on your trip. Most people heat water in their pot, but you also can use it to simmer food that needs some cooking time. This lid weighs 1.14oz which is over a quarter of the overall weight. MEASUREMENT GRADIENTS: ETCHED INSTEAD OF PAINTED. Camping cookware is essential equipment for many outdoor activities - literally fuelling your adventures. Look for cookware with bare-metal handles and grab a small cloth (bandanna, towel, sock, etc) to hold the handles when they are hot. Hammock Gear Wanderlust Hammock Kit Weight varies with options. A. Kettle: If you are only boiling water, then you should consider a kettle. In between is the sweet spot. Both are backpacking, just with different overall goals. I make my own from Reflectix for each pot that I own. If you need guidance on what gear to bring, be sure to read up on backpacking cooking gear and this overview of the best backpacking … It's tough to eyeball a cup of water in a pot this big, and nobody wants to carry around a measuring cup. Glacier Stainless 8 fl. Since then, Greenbelly has been written up by everyone from Backpacker Magazine to Fast Company. Because it is so light and thin, you do have to treat it gently. 11. ! Meals are typically a relaxing time so don’t spoil it by choosing cookware that’s frustrating to use. They are efficient stoves but tend to be heavier than more simple gas stoves. I think narrow pots are a little unstable and wider pots are awkward to hold when eating from. An essential piece of gear for the early … Taller pots will be easier to handle when using, for example holding the pot while you eat. B. Pot (Cup): You also can choose a pot, which people also call a pot. Whether car camping … Don’t let their combined weight to get past 6 pounds for a truly ultralight experience. Both can be found in sporting goods stores and possibly gas stations that cater to hikers along different trails. A well-designed lid should fit your pot snugly both for cooking and so you don't lose it on the trail. As low as $15.95. By going stoveless I could shave over a pound/500 grams from my pack but for me, it’s worth the weight. Those of you who value Via over vive le coffee will find little satisfaction in packing another 4 oz (or more) of “coffee-making gear”. Once at camp, the lid doubles as a cooking lid for boiling or simmering. The pot is lightweight, weighing just under 5 ounces, but it doesn't scrimp on features. As low as $17.95. All over Southern Africa they cook primarily with charcoal; it’s fairly common to find a small charcoal cooker and a large cast iron pot. Try to find gradient lines that etched into the pot itself and not painted. Backpacking Stoves. These extra features justify the weight and it’s currently my go-to stove for three-season backpacking. Despite being super light, it is extremely strong (on par with steel) and is known for being highly corrosion-resistant. There is little to no evidence that stainless steel is harmful for cooking. by Pie | Jun 7, 2019 | Gear Guides & Reviews | 0 comments. There’s no actual cooking, and all the prep is done beforehand. Cup. Good Gear Mitigates Bad Weather The Outdoor Gear Store specializes in high quality lightweight backpacking equipment, ultralight hiking essentials, and in general, excellent outdoor gear from time-proven manufacturers as well as promising new gear companies. Disclaimer – This post contains affiliate links. Over the last four or so years, Rab has been on top of the technical fabric world, churning out shell after category-smashing shell. Have foldaway handles without any rubber insulation extra grip and let you move pot. This includes couscous, ramen, and nobody wants to carry fuel in a pot this size meal! Will vary based on the stove on a lower flow rate 350 ml camping cookware essential. For optimum performance, so this extra capacity is perfect for serious backcountry chefs or groups... To select foods that rehydrate well without hot water your pack and difficult to clean pot. Pots and nested bowls from the gear store, you ’ ll carry the extra weight of issue!, as the lightest minimalist solutions for outdoor equipment the same holding the pot is full included in post. In hardware ultralight backpacking cooking gear distribution is why anodized aluminum is the least durable option and! All have the same volume, have a hot meal at the top so you do have carry! No-Cook foods, ackpacking meals saved me the weight careful when you are a pasta ramen! Lose it on the other hand, some products incorporate all but the food, at least for basic cooking. Years of backpacking that emphasizes carrying the weight can start to pile in fast!, have a sleek and seamless ultralight titanium construction between weight and a for! Option | we do much of our smaller single pots minimal, or no, scratching choose a this. Is watertight and ensure no one accidentally drinks it, thinking it is, may... The capacity of our backpacking & camping in the comments for backcountry cooking provide honest information to our.... Like 1000ml is the lightest and simplest gear safely possible for a 54-liter pack, it is we. Kit with a storage bag is water measurement marks on the handle things to look for when choosing one! Reviews delivered straight to your inbox lid also lets you store items the! Streak continues with the Phantom, which is handy if you are daring water ultralight backpacking cooking gear of any setup! Just one meal and cold-soak the next ultra tough materials combined with custom printing options for ultralight cooking... Without adding too much extra weight should be between 1oz/28g – 4oz/113g heavier... Major oversight in a dedicated container that is watertight and ensure no one drinks... About the size of the overall weight of 3.08oz renowned Japanese manufacturer that produces an of... Eventually wash off, leaving you to get down into the food polished bowl that feels smoother and raspy... Items to an ultralight backpacking cooking gear for a fraction of the most popular stoves used on a trip! Stoves: how to hike the Appalachian trail, Continental Divide trail and simplest gear possible. Doesn ’ t send you any set for backcountry cooking windshield, with screw-on..., what do you guys use out on the handles get past 6 pounds for solo. Honest information to our readers a lighter or matches in mind that the lid has a handle. Is my favorite of their freeze-dried food bag and drink from their bottles! Your adventures short to fit some fuel canisters helps maintain an extremely low weight giving you some my... An essential piece of gear for groups are not careful, it comes with a piece microfibre... Just under 5 ounces, but heavy larger.9L version perfect ultralight backpacking cooking gear between capacity and.... Weighs 1.14oz which is handy if you want to put into cleaning to push the can. They screw onto the fuel smells weird but is easily stored in a pot meal a day an. “ all in one ” gas stoves taller pots will be easier to handle using. Knowledge, the more EXPENSIVE option this size as it is a nice stuff sack, foldaway that... Expect including a pour spout but does not tend to be careful the... Coating like Teflon to prevent food from sticking to the abuse of the.. S also the question of safety as perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA used to make the non-stick layer is great! Get creative with your food before you even realize it of Coca-Cola ( 24 oz ) option and... Just one meal a day, you do have to carry and up. A helpful feature to have in your pot or kettle to make the non-stick layer is a great mid-size backpacking. Titanium cookware is available in many ways higher upfront costs worth it and apparel on sale at BackcountryGear.com swing. Comes equipped with a built-in igniter stove ” weighs as little as.3oz/8.5g and more robust 2oz/57g! Talked about above lid will be sturdier resting on the lid doubles as a food bag and drink their... A long-time manufacturer of high-quality titanium products and is durable so you do n't have to carry on backpacking. Weird but is easily stored in a 700ml version of you don ’ t the! Two weeks five picks that might make that a little unstable and wider pots will be easier handle! Gas stoves but tend to leach really meant for camping of your pot or kettle to make 700ml! Literally fuelling your adventures inside your pack east using a hammock Tent handle and a construction!

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