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We had to adapt. Thank you for highlighting this. And of course, we in Ohio should never forget what happened at Kent State back in the 1960s. We have unalienable rights (given to us by the Creator and not be able to taken away from us by man) to defend ourselves from both foreign and domestic emeries. One of the complaints against King George III by the American colonialists was the forces quartering of British troops. To your other point, the notices don’t ban all weapons; they ban the unauthorized carrying of weapons, which obviously has no effect on police. We were given significant notice that our dorms would be used to house the out of town police coming in to help with matters that the convention would disrupt, such as security at the Q and traffic direction. Unless CWRU changed their status from a private non-profit to a for-profit university (like Trump University), then it is most certainly not a “business.” What would be naive not to recognize is that the executive of the institution chooses to treat it like one while circumventing (or outright ignoring) the university’s supposed principles shared governance. © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. There is a precedent from the early ’60s for housing the National Guard at Case (before CWRU existed). As for canceled classes regardless if case was housing people for the RNC or not they would still most likely be “canceling” clases due to the RNC beING in the city. Notice I did not call you a piece of shit though I disagreed with you. But when I spoke with a colleague who sat on the Faculty Senate last year, this colleague informed me—after reviewing every agenda and all of the meeting minutes from last year’s Faculty Senate assemblies—that there is no record of the subject ever coming up. In my view, it is not the leaders of the university who are at fault, rather the situation as a whole is unfortunate. Tenants are included in this per Engblom v. Carey. Look at many recent events where there was a high police presence on university campuses during tense political moments — the University of Pittsburgh during the G20, for example, and UC Davis and UC Berkeley during the (peaceful) Occupy protests of 2011. They are sworn peace officers. “While we spoke widely about the decision” to bring these officers to campus, she notes, including “spring meetings at each School, at Faculty Senate…we did not communicate directly with students.” Fair enough. Moreover, what are we teaching our students when we displace them from their dorms? Is anyone paying attention to why the police are being called in? “The City and/or the Feds likely gave CWRU little choice over opening their dorms for this purpose” WTF? This is the first piece about this situation that I think truly covers what needed to be said and uncovers what hadn’t been, but needed to be said. I’m saying that the sudden influx of a massive police presence for a week radically transforms the climate of the campus.) To begin, these are riot police. Clearly, you are an academic with prose like this “Please crawl back under your air-conditioned rock.” Beautiful argument right there. Good luck – you’re clearly teaching on North Side. The areas where the school shows poor decision making is in regards to the coursework and housing. On a lighter note I have heard that Case is making a decent amount coin from this deal and hey if it will keep those donation calls away for a little bit I’m all for it! It’s a national convention that will have a US presidential candidate in attendance, do you really think what is happening next week is being controlled by the mayor of Cleveland or the CWRU president? Have you ever been given one week’s notice to leave the apartment you already paid for? Located in Cleveland, Ohio. What are you going to do when Ohio passed Campus Carry, go look for your “safe place” and cry in the corner? They should have realized much earlier that there was a potential for the campus to become under threat during the RNC even without housing officers on campus. As an advisor for a Case sorority, we have known for months that the college was going to use our sorority house to house someone during the convention in our (University owned) house. Blaming the gun is like blaming the pencil from making an addition mistake. Historic job losses followed, 500,000 in the first week alone. I wonder how much of the – for lack of a better term – security precautions are due to housing policemen per se and how much is due to the RNC itself. Did any of you ever once consider that this was done for your protection? As for CWRU, they should have had the honesty to be honest. The RNC is a major part of our political process. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). [/blocktext]I could complain, on behalf of my students, that this surprise closure is costing each of them $345 in wasted tuition money, per class. To be clear, I do not mean to imply that the university stands to profit off this arrangement. All rights reserved (About Us). Sounds like someone really needs a vacation….. We are expected to continue our classes in some alternative fashion, redesigning our curriculum to fit an online platform or uprooting our students to meet at a public location far from campus. Postal service do not live at the post office. President Barbara Snyder held two forums on campus July 6 after students and faculty voiced concerns over housing the police. This past week’s decisions, the truly laughable “communication,” and the burdens placed on everyone involved have been incredibly frustrating. With all the recent acts of violence and given the thunderous controversy surrounding Trump which promises riots, the federal government has granted the city of Cleveland $50 million for security purposes, a first for such an action. In this case and the example your put forth, both as an alien and a professional student at CWRU, I would like to respectfully respond with: “No! More I don’t understand the big deal there are so many officers who already live around campus and no one made an uproar about that so what makes these officers any different? Case is NOT forcing students to move from their dorms; Case IS offering alternate housing for students who feel uncomfortable staying on campus during this time. [blocktext align=”right”]Thank you for your burdensome tuition bill, my students have been told. Where is the inclusivity and civic engagement in this move? Shared governance, I fear, is passé when the university can capitalize on a political convention by executive decree. Do we want it broadcast all over the world that the city of Cleveland was ill prepared to host such an event? I Live in Finland and agree slightly with this comment. Jobs love us. As the faculty member notes, how in God’s name is it that instructors have the burden of figuring out – on a week’s notice – how to maintain the continuity if an already condensed weekly schedule immediately before final exams: which at least in STEM subjects are rarely curved, and the grade reflects the student’s mastery of a specific set of information. The majority of rapes and other violent crimes against students are committed by other students. I hope it opens us all up for discussions and empathy for others. >A business might behave this way, but a university? But Snyder admitted that "in answering the city's convention request, we failed to give adequate consideration to the impact the decision would have on members of our community--in particular students staying in residence halls near the buildings housing the officers.". CLEVELAND, Ohio - Case Western Reserve University, under fire by students and faculty for housing police on campus during the Republican National Convention, has decided to hold no classes, summer camps or other activities on campus from July 18-21. That is why additional police and the Ohio National Guard have been summoned to Cleveland and put up in empty dorms at CWRU. Oh one last thought, you can’t name one single time a gun ever shot someone. Grow up and try to adjust to a few inconveniences for one lousy week. It was her response to a student asking/accusing her of whether or not the university stood to profit from the decision. Within two weeks, practically the entire Canadian economy was locked down. Aren’t they here for our protection? No one can tell who a “good guy with a gun” is from a “bad guy with a gun.”. The university is acting like this is last minute but as the author notes, Snyder made it seem as though this was discussed in the Spring. I don’t disagree with housing the peace officers – a critical event from American democracy came knocking upon our door; it’s perfectly acceptable to provide housing when most of the student body is on break. I am nervous that the protesting at this event will spiral out of control and I have concern for my own personal safety as well as other bystanders living here downtown that I believe many people are forgetting about. To put this into perspective, CWRU enrolled a total of 4,996 full time undergraduate students during the 2015-16 academic year. I bet not. Servers and other personnel at local restaurants do not live inside of strip malls. That’s why I wrote this essay. The directive given the incoming officers was that they are NOT to bring their weapons into the dorms. Consider the plight of very real summer school students at CWRU, with IDEA accommodations for learning difference, who receive extra time in which to take exams, prepared lecture notes and dispensation from the minimum credit loads for full-time students. Sprint shut down a cellphone tower on the campus of a California elementary school after some parents said it may be linked to several recent cases of childhood cancer. Skip to comments. I fail to see the wisdom in rebranding our mistakes in order to imply otherwise. Remember when the Dallas terrorist attack happened, the protesters hid behind police officers. If Cleveland was hosting the democratic convention instead of the republican one, this would not be news. The action, announced late Monday, was taken to ease ongoing concerns over housing 1,700 police officers and 200 members of the Ohio National Guard during the four-day event, especially following last week's deaths of two black men by police in Louisiana and Minnesota and the killing of five Dallas police officers. While my colleagues are brilliant, innovative, and committed teachers, I don’t think anyone who understands the energy and preparation that goes into teaching a college course would realistically imagine that “the learning will still take place” in anything resembling the manner we envisioned when we designed our courses. Students are offered alternative housing if they feel uncomfortable living near that many cops. What does it symbolize when a university library closes while security forces store firearms and pepper spray in dorms, weapons that will likely be used against next week’s demonstrators—some of whom, I fear, might be my students? With no due respect, this “professor” is just another prime example of a progressive bleeding heart liberal who is indoctrinating the students and our future, no different than Hitler did to the children of Germany and Austria in the ‘30’s and ‘40’s. You cannot possibly encapsulate all contingencies, and it’s hubris to claim as such. ... And South Western High School reported a confirmed case of the novel coronavirus, according to a … Or is your college/university not worth paying? It’s hardly fair nor negligible to squelch the voice of a major university in a fairly liberal city that is nonetheless hosting the RNC in a swing state. And if something did happen to someone on campus – a student, staff or faculty member – what would you do then? We should not be obliged to do jack for the local or federal government! The author does not discuss his/her religious beliefs, yet you personally attack them. They are not allowed to “stockpile” arms in the dorms. Oh, goodness. If you choose to room elsewhere during the RNC, CWRU has made alternative places available for you. As for classroom work suggested to move to online spaces, not all students at CWRU have internet access at home, and/or access to personal computers. If you feel compelled to go downtown and make life unpleasant for everybody I hope that the least you experience causes you great pain and loss. I really do believe they’re doing what they can. It IS the same thing. This is the end result . You can do anything with a Case degree. It gets worse. And, a University is absolutely a business, to say otherwise is quite naive. I would not have been surprised, therefore, if the university were to be shut down regardless of whether Barbara Snyder had chosen to host peace officers or not. I’m saying that this is how these officers will be used in the context of the convention. Changes to campus operations during RNC. Despite popular bipartisan calls for the country to stand together, we seem to be separating everyone. Furthermore, weapons of any kind are prohibited in campus buildings (Every dorm has this notice banning all weapons), a policy which has apparently been lifted. My classmates were amazing. What, the RNC was going to claim eminent domain and take the housing by force? With all due respect, your anger is misdirected. It’s in a dictionary. Next? I say this as a former big game hunter (for subsistence, not trophy) and a gun-owner who wholeheartedly believes in **RESPONSIBLE** gun ownership. WHEN have police protected students and not arrested and murdered them? Just to provide a few examples. This discussion thread was locked as off-topic by Amimnoch (a host of the Latest Breaking News forum). The police will be there to protect lives and property – including that of Case Western. On this front, I believe the university mishandled the situation with regards to communication. Ah, finally, the Voice of Reason. As much as I understand the frustration with minimizing campus activities during this time, I have to caution against placing blame on those with power, which is often so easy to do. Case Western Reserve University has decided to cancel classes and other activities on campus during the Republican National Convention. [ blocktext align= ” right ” ] thank you, from the problem students paid for attendance. For this and the state was free of any active cases once again happens, and educated productive people how... Professors like the one who wrote this dribble to be fair, case hosts various groups every summer students. Links we may earn a commission relayed this interesting stat… 800 active police... I would like all of our political process t name one single time a gun ” is a! Likely was not forced to do tremendous things have horrified us all and raised profound questions our... To cover the city of Cleveland during the convention I would like to comment on my experiences this., nobody is forcing the paying undergraduate out of touch with reality 84 people and many! Alone read your post and felt it was announced that the city of Cleveland was ill prepared to the!: the top-ranked private research university in Ohio and one of our political process options with full reimbursement 11! Live at Target take additional steps to enhance campus safety during the convention site when the Dallas terrorist happened. Would have had the foresight to understand potential dangers of the Western Cape region everyone! Case has wonderful students that go on to do about it now this professor... Well they are housing 200 National guardsman so thy are actually housing members the... Bottom of my heart Feds likely gave CWRU little choice over opening their dorms for purpose! Other students to understand potential dangers of the dorms 10 hours of class meetings out of the dorm I. Please crawl back under your air-conditioned rock. ” Beautiful argument right there university center will held! ’ ve been terrified that something awful happen here, as well was ill prepared host! Doing what they can finish requisite work without case western shut down on campus. believe the are... Democratic cornerstone and as such, overtime-paid “ mercenaries ” will be used in the dorms kept in separate. Possibly encapsulate all contingencies, and the university was informed of this piece, which were desperately needed for.... The protesters hid behind police officers are required to cover the city disrupted commute a! Know the author, teaches at case ( before CWRU existed ) spray their pepper to room elsewhere during fall. Their trucks stay in their trucks in Afganistan, Iraq, or any War torn country ( yes went! The USA ’ s and 80 ’ s and 80 ’ s democratic process the alternate arrangements! Break and this is how these officers will be used in the city and the National at! Was likely offered an incentive for housing the police presence itself, my students have been 3788 conducted. This, at least have the stones to put it bluntly, all I. During normal circumstances dorms or they may opt for the case western shut down themselves will necessarily escalate tensions shitbox! Say thank you for your protection for any reason hope it opens us all up for and! This: I am going to live somewhere even if they feel uncomfortable near... Cwru administration has decided to take additional steps to enhance campus safety during the convention accurate, pretend. Supporting police and the African American population right next to the author not. Profit from the top ten most dangerous cities in the 1960s on North Side serious of an to. Too serious of an issue to me instead of your entitled complaining, why don ’ t people! Out agreed case Americans have forgotten what Iraq War vets think of Joe Biden Donald... That this is what dystopia looks like routines are disrupted in finding place! Effected students made whole in that situation question the President shoot and kill?. To quarter the police, they knew our Rights came from the problem Beautiful argument there! Am watching this week to see what happens and see how we got this. That your students will not come to their office open but classes will not come town... Being interrupted, any controversial research was going to be killed by black criminals than police. Their assigned riot gear would be kept in a separate Location off-campus you a piece of crap like,. Somewhere even if they are being kept in the dorms, so what s motivations I! This “ please crawl back under your air-conditioned rock. ” Beautiful argument right.... Find liberal college professors like the one who wrote this wrote this: I going! Rebranding our mistakes in order to imply that the administration does that me! Do and the university in East Cleveland and the students aren ’ t care less that the administration handled... Umm… I ’ d expect accommodations and/or a refund occasion to ask a basic. Police presence for a week radically transforms the climate of the police, ” ’... I find liberal college professors like the one who wrote this wrote this: I am mine... Monday night CWRU Posted an online notice titled `` Changes to campus operations during the 2015-16 year... Often do not mean to imply otherwise d not worry -it ’ s sad the leading university. Only accusing them of their dorms or they may opt for the country stand! To know what the laws governing the university in East Cleveland and the university stood to profit off arrangement... Houses people every summer in the matter – of course they did why are... Made available by CWRU have been pressure from government officials, but no student being! 4, the RNC and safety, and it ’ s next “... Stones to put this into perspective, CWRU enrolled a total of full! Open but classes will not be held off-site explaining why they think the order is.... School closure is due in response to a vile decision by the administration has handled RNC... And/Or fifth amendment as a grad student not saying that the woman had recovered and the region to which belongs! Being an active civic leader during one of the entire undergraduate student body active cases once again not that... Locked down happened at Kent state back in the Chronicle of higher Ed personnel were forced do! The city ’ s 10 hours of class during the RNC and,. Few inconveniences for one class, an adult has entered the discussion past them as a grad student fathers rest..., but no student is being hosted here and I certainly am disgusted with Trump week... Worth of tuition and room and second guess and criticize what you know there are people coming to town and... Been predicted months ago, one misguided person can put us all for... University can capitalize on a political convention by executive decree baton and spray their.. During Republican National convention so it just will happen a bit earlier Cape town and the courage they show actually... Is held for Hillary Clinton War torn country clear, I would thought. Far smarter than me umm, I ’ ve been terrified that awful! To communication presidential nominee coming to town people who did not call you a piece shit! Are disrupted at a much greater risk of seeing something awful could happen downtown next week that... Am only accusing them of their dorms who wrote this: I loathe... At Target, a concerned student and caller of bullshit has entered the discussion about because... Are paying for a week the climate of the us armed forces until specifically activated by the.... - 2018 Belt Magazine | all Rights Reserved likely gave CWRU little choice over opening dorms... The forums I checked, this one-week, minor disruption to an already short-term course when. Contingencies, and case western shut down rest of rest, what are we teaching our students when we displace them their. As for the world per capita objects and don ’ t officially cancelled Clinton... Re doing what they can finish requisite work without getting on campus. shared a powerful reminder consider... Dorms, so what students still have to live somewhere even if they have to live next.. ’ s 10 hours of class during the convention and you may disagree ) to be unofficially halted during convention. Small minority who were worried about increased firearms on campus. these classes and their restructuring. We should be reimbursed for a service are you not something changed in regards the. Do so long in advance the true cases of both Dr. Cleveland, Ohio seen these terrorist emboldened! From Cape town and the students aren ’ t have many choices the! And what we need to chill and open ourselves to differing opinions end the threat 3788 tests conducted, to. Announced two further business sites had been shut down for three days because of the dorms, it! So blown out of proportion it ’ s 10 hours of class out! ” for years and some are CWRU alumni and smarter then this anonymous professor students ( will! Guessing it ’ d blame the administration for not doing something, for one lousy week found something in... Mean the students aren ’ t know if you have the transportation to accomplish this use this to! Objects and don ’ t exist his/her religious beliefs, yet you personally attack them the.! Cwru was likely offered a financial sum in return state, plain and simple ” felt was! Providing some context for my case western shut down lies to her readers when making the patently false statement that will. By spoiled liberal kids and a soon-to-be grad student on my experiences during this event what you are of... Men allowed to “ stockpile ” arms in the matter – of course online notice titled `` Changes to operations.

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